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Our History

Fabracken Redvales Fabia 
(Follytower Fudge x Redvales Jinks)
My first love was always horses, but as a child my parents gave me a Labrador puppy, in 1966. 
Fabracken Redvales Fabia was the foundation of my 'kennel'. We grew up and learnt together, first attending obedience classes and shows, and then moving on to breed shows. Fabia had many successes, especially
 considering she had a small child on the end of her lead, and won up to Limit classes at Championship shows.


Through a family friend I was put in
with Mary Roslin Williams (Mansergh), who 
took me
 under her wing and taught me a great deal  o
ver the years. Mary also allowed me to use Reanacre Sandylands Tarmac for the first Fabracken litter. That litter gave me Fabracken Georgie Girl, the first RCC winner for the 'kennel'.


Fabracken Georgie Girl 
(Reanacre Sandylands Tarmac x Fabracken Redvales Fabia)
I only breed a litter when I need something to carry my line on, and was taught by Mary to only keep the best possible. This has meant numbers have always been limited to 3-4 dogs at any one time. My oldies live out their lives here. Eventually I went to agricultural college and by the time I was in a position to do something with the dogs again the original line had been lost.
On going to look at a litter of yellow puppies at the
renowned Poolstead Kennel of Bob & Didi Hepworth, I came away with a 12 month black bitch!  A year later she was CH.Poolstead Pin Up of Fabracken.
 Beautifully bred, being by CH.Sandylands Mark x a bitch who was a mix of Sandylands & Kinley breeding. I had hopes she might be a good producer. Indeed she was.

It was also 'Pin Up' who really started my interest in the working side of the breed. She was a natural at work and taught me so much about the 'real' Labrador. After winning her second CC I was determined that if she was to win her Show Champion title then she would become a full Champion by gaining her Show Gundog Working Certificate (SGWC). 
This has been my intention ever since then. Many show bred Labradors will work, given the opportunity, and make very useful picking-up dogs.  There is so much satisfaction to be gained from watching any dog do the job the breed has always been bred for.  Since then all the Fabrackens are worked throughout the winter, as well as gaining SGWC's, WT awards & Working Gundog Certificates (WGC). Their temperament and ability to do this are very much in mind when choosing stud dogs.
 Use is made of the KC/BVA Hip, Elbow and Eye schemes and the dogs are also now Optigen DNA tested for prcd1 GPRA. Also DNA tested for CNM and EIC.

Many things go to make up a good Labrador, health being a very important part of that.